What We Do

From its beginning in 1878 as a mercantile store in Fresno, California, Penny Newman Grain has grown to become a leading merchant in the international market for grains and feed by-products. With offices in California and Tennessee, and transloading and shipping locations throughout the United States, Penny Newman serves farmers and feed manufacturers worldwide.

Penny Newman’s strength lies in its direct sourcing relationships and in its extensive storage and transportation network. This includes cottonseed purchasing agreements and transloading facilities throughout the mid-south cotton belt, rail and truck facilities throughout California, and an international deep-water port and bulk cargo terminal in Stockton, California. Penny Newman uses its resources to expand and diversify markets for agricultural commodities and by-products.

Penny Newman’s operational divisions include grain merchandising, by-products merchandising, liquid feed, bulk cargo terminal (Port of Stockton), planting seed and raisin tray manufacturing.