Bulk Cargo Terminal

BulkCargoTerminal-1Located in California’s prime agricultural region, Penny-Newman maintains an extensive bulk-cargo terminal at the Port of Stockton that is the nexus of ocean freight, rail, and truck.

Penny-Newman’s bulk-cargo terminal is one of the largest grain elevators on the West Coast, capable of storing more than two million gallons of liquid feed and 82,000 metric tons of dry feed. Facilities for drying, cleaning, and grinding grain are also located at the terminal.

Penny-Newman offers competitive costs via direct transportation:

  • The 78-mile-long channel allows ocean freight to travel deep into California’s Central Valley to load and unload cargo.
  • Transcontinental rail—Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific—extends the network further.
  • Trucks benefit from quick access to key interstates and freeways.

Penny-Newman provides contract services to exporters and importers of bulk feed:

Upright and flat storage

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