byproducts-1Penny-Newman supplies more than 20 different by-products, ensuring that producers have constant access to the most cost-effective feeds to meet their operation’s needs.

By-products are an essential component of dairy cattle diets, and Penny-Newman sources them from only the highest-quality suppliers. With locations on both major rail lines and a port in Stockton, Calif., Penny-Newman’s by-product division can offer the most competitive prices for feed in the Central Valley.

Penny-Newman provides year-round supply of quality by-products:

  • Dakota Gold DDGS sets the standard by which distiller’s grains are measured. Uniquely manufactured to increase protein and digestibility, Dakota Gold contains four key nutrients: protein, fiber, fat, and amino acids.
  • Millrun contains 85 percent of the energy value of corn and boasts more protein. The palatable and highly digestible fiber provides the optimum amount of energy that growing heifers and lactating cows need. Penny-Newman partners with the largest milling companies in California to provide a consistent supply of millrun to all areas of the state.
  • Canola is a highly palatable source of protein and amino acids. Penny-Newman is one of the top suppliers of canola meal and pellets in California, with product available in key locations.

Penny-Newman is also major source of dozens of other by-products used in dairy feed, including but not limited to:

Almond hulls
Almond shell
Beet pulp pellets
Citrus pellets
Corn germ
Corn gluten feed pellets
Fruit pomace
Hominy meal

Rice bran
Rice hulls
Safflower meal
Soy hull pellets
Soybean meal
Sunflower meal
Walnut meal
Whole cottonseed

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