Whole Cottonseed

WholeCottonseed-1As the leading U.S. cottonseed merchandizer, Penny-Newman provides top-quality whole cottonseed at the most competitive price.

Penny-Newman has access to the freshest whole cottonseed — with offices and storage facilities in Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia. In addition, we have partners around the world to meet U.S. demand for quality cottonseed. Via our rail transportation network, whole cottonseed is delivered efficiently from gins to consumers worldwide.

Penny-Newman is the No. 1 source for whole cottonseed in the U.S.:

  • Whole cottonseed has been proven to increase both milk production and butterfat when added to feed rations.
  • Penny-Newman surpasses the competition due to our direct transportation network via the BNSF and Union Pacific railways and by ocean-going vessels from international markets.
  • Penny-Newman has an unrivaled team of whole cottonseed merchandizers and logistics coordinators working day in and day out to supply cottonseed.

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