95% Dihydrate

Dihydrate gypsum is more effective than anhydrite gypsum when water is applied

Aids flocculation of soil and water penetration to slow or end ponding and runoff

Breaks up compacted clay soils and improves soil structure

Root systems will benefit from needed moisture and oxygen

Adds calcium and sulfur for plant nutrition and improving crop yields

Improves acid soils by reducing aluminum toxicity



Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (CaSo4 – 2 H20) …….97%

• Calcium (Ca) – 22.0%

• Sulfur – 17.5%

• Derived from mined gypsum

Note: Gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral

Pure dihydrate gypsum!


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1 to 2.5 tons per acre in the fall after harvest


Carbon Penetrant is a cheaper and better long-term alternative to gypsum.
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“Customers Say”…

Mitch Yribarren, Yribarren Family Farms – Fourth Generation Farmer – Tranquility, CA
Crops: Almonds, Pistachios, Pomegranate, Row Crops

Carbon Penetrant + PNGreen
“We started using Carbon Penetrant three years ago when our orchard was 13 years old. At the time, California was in the third year of a very dry period of hydrology statewide and our irrigation district was extremely reliant on well water for the second year in a row. The water was adding to the overall salinity of the soil and the effects were more pronounced in our trees because of their age relative to other orchards in our area. Leaf tip burn, trees completely drying up and late season leaf defoliation were some of the negative effects. Our Monterey variety was so stressed from the salty well water that some actually went into a second bloom after harvest. For the first time since planting the trees in 2003, my dad and I began to discuss whether or not we will be able to get 20+ years of production from the trees or if we should begin preparing for removal and replant. As it turned out that wasn’t necessary. In the first year of applying Carbon Penetrant we noticed immediate improvement in water penetration that led to larger moisture zones. Areas that would have standing water for up to 4 days after irrigations suddenly were reduced to nothing more than wet soil after 24 hours.